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As a Telco, you usually sell through your own online shop and stores as well as through 3rd party stores and websites.

This leaves you with unique challenges to guarantee a constant user experience in all the different sales channels. In addition you have to make sure that you guide the clients to the stores that offer the services and products the clients are looking for


Store Locator on your website

Increase conversion by offering a seamless shopping experience

Roughly 30 % of searches on how to find a store or a product are done on your website. Reach this highly relevant group of potential clients.

These searchers are often neglected. This presents a huge opportunity. Thinking often goes: because people are already on my website, I don't have to provide them with excellent user experience. They will come to my shop anyway. AB Test have shown that this is plainly wrong. Many retailers lose clients who are willing to visit a store by not showing the right information at the right time in an easy to use way.

Make it as easy and convenient for your website visitors to find your stores.

With the locator you make sure that your stores and your partner stores are found with a minimum of effort.

Be relevant on Google Search and Maps

If you operate your own stores, or under certain conditions if you operate a shop, or act as an agency for your partners you can maximise awareness of your offerings, your brand and locations by proactively managing your data so that you are best placed on Google.

Google has a market share of over more than 90% in most countries of the western world.

Bering found on Google is crucial for your business success.

Google's relevance dwarfs all other platforms. Going the extra mile to be found on Google will give you disproportionate visibility.

We work with the best experts when it comes to holistic GMB management. 1st step is that we make you owner of all your locations so that you can manage and update them. In addition we will constantly search for duplicates for you. Duplicates are the main cause that your locations will be deemed irrelevant by Google's algorithms or will not be shown at all.

We offer full service including managing the relationship with Google's support for you.


Do you like to wait? Your customers don't like to wait either!

Give your customers what they want: certainty to get what they want without wasting a minute. Self-schedule appointments whenever they want on any platform you offer. directly on your website or on social media. Give your client an outstanding service performance.

In addition you are able to track the impact of your online activities to your offline sales. Measure the revenue and profits you make in Dollar and Cents. No estimates or guessing needed.

If you want we create an SEO-optimised profile page for you, that is linked to your appointment scheduler. Your clients find you with a higher likelihood.


To get found it is crucial that your location data are up to date and accurate.

Opening hours. Hours during holidays and special situations like Covid. Pictures. Seasonal products and services. All your data is in constant change.

Make sure to communicate these changes to your clients.


With our backend you get one single source of truth. All information both for your locator and Google My Business can be easily updated.

We also provide APIs to your existing systems so that no manual entries or double work is necessary.

With our backend you can easily control who has access. From Online Marketing with access to all locations to country managers for a specific region down to a store manager who can edit one individual store. In addition you can grant access to your retail partners so that they can manage the locations they operate. If the retail partners manage Google My Business they can grant you access to the Google My Business data and you can make sure that all data on your website are always in sync with the information on Google

Case Studies

Swisscom: How to 25x the number of in store appointments with the Omnichannel store locator

Industry solutions

Industry solutions

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