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Ikea store locator launched on German IKEA Website

December 4, 2021

IKEA Germany launched an updated store locator on IKEA's German website

The locator helps bring more shoppers into your stores. The solution makes sure that shoppers don't find shops closed due to Covid restrictions. In addition, store pages are now higher ranked by search engines. IKEA's new store locator is featuring a new design and an optimised user experience including full screen mode, seperat opening hours for store, Smarland, Bistro, Restaurant and Pick up.

Opening hours, special announcments and option to switch to full screen mode on IKEAs german store locator

IKEA's offline store concept is evolving. Next to classic furniture stores Ikea now operates pick up locations, planning studios and pop up stores.

To find the right store format fast Ikea now offers a filter to select the different store formats.

Filter option IKEA store locator

Also new is a section about important security information, like rules for wearing masks, certifications needed to enter etc.

Key advantages of the solution:

True Omnichannel experience for clients addressing Covid specific needs.

Management of all store data including management of Google MyBusiness.

Fully developed scalable product.

You find more information about the solution in this Google case study.

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