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Introducing Omni Channel special opening hours

October 10, 2021

Inform your clients about special opening hours during bank holidays, caused by maintenance, laws or Covid.

With Omnichannel you now can offer your customers world class experience without additional work for your team. Omnichannel offers the following features:

  1. Show special opening hours in your 7 day forward looking opening hours section and make sure people will not end up in front of closed doors 
  1. Inform your clients in some weeks in advance about special opening hours 
  1. Make management of special opening hours easy for your team: edit all locations at once or change dates for individual location's
  2. Publish special opening hours via API to GMB via our partner.

Informing clients online about up to date opening hours should not be complicated. We once met a client who had to manually change the Christmas opening hours for more than 500 stores. It took them more than 5 working days to complete the changes.

Internal IT systems that contain store data are often not flexible enough to handle complex changes. You can change the dates for every weekday. Changing the dates for one individual day in the calendar and not for all Mondays can already be an issue. Customer front ends usually show opening hours for the next 7 days. That can make it impossible to inform clients about upcoming holidays in advance.  So you can not publish a pre-warning like: yes we are open on July 4th, but we close at 3pm and open an hour later.

For more information please contact us or our reselling partners Maplicate and GXperts.

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