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Increase organic reach of your digital leaflets

August 21, 2021

You make great local offers and your clients can not see them

Showing current offers on your company's local pages and your store locator will create a larger incentive for your website visitors to visit your store.

Create a connection between stores and your local offers.

When visitors of your website search for stores you can influence the likelihood that they will visit your stores.

Following factors have a huge impact on design to visit a store

1. Display the current offers valid for the individual store selected. Show the offers via an online leaflet. An interesting offer can make the difference between going to a store or not.

2. Show product availability in store. Many online visitors will not go into a store if they don't know if the product they are looking for is available.

3. Offer click and collect. When clients can buy online and collect in store you offer a huge incentive to visit the store and buy additional products.

Local product searches start with location search

Website visitors who are looking for offers start their journey by looking for offers near their location. The longer the commute to the store the less likely that they will respond to offers. 

In many cases not all offers are valid for all stores at the same time. So showing the connection between a store and an offer is often critical.

By integrating offers in a way that they are displayed in the directly visible part of the store locator and local pages will increase the incentive to open leaflets.

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